Special modifications / special valves

We specialize in the production of special and special valves, individually manufactured according to the requirements and needs of the customer with the privilege of shortest delivery time on the highest quality level.

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Production according to your requirements:

✓ Special face to face

The overall face to face of industrial valves varies greatly. Face to face are defined for the American area in ASME B16.5. Depending on customer requirements, the overall face to face of welding ends can be adapted. As a result, the valve adapts to the pipeline of the customer.

✓ Different pipe connection forms on each side

Small industrial valves up to and including 2-1 / 2 inches can be supplied with different pipe connections. Here it is possible to provide one side with a flange, and the other side with a welding end or welding end.

✓ Flange connection according to ANSI standards and your specifications

The flange connection usually represents a non-destructive, detachable connection element. The task of the flange connection is to connect the industrial valve to the pipeline. Since pipelines are installed according to different standards in many countries, we are able to manufacture individual flange connections for our industrial valves.

✓ Butt weld ends, weld ends and BSP, NPT thread connection

Welding or weld-on ends and threaded connections are available in numerous designs, so that they can be optimally matched to the customer’s specification. This is particularly advantageous because many customers have only a certain length in the pipeline available where can be installed between the industrial valve. By adapting the valve face to face, the gate valve, shut-off valve or ball valve adapts optimally to the pipeline.

✓ Production according to your specifications and drawings

✓ Throttle and control cone

For volume and pressure control shut-off valves are preferably used with control cone. By a simple modification to the cone of the valve, this valve can also be used as a control valve.

✓ End position feedback

An end position feedback can either be done by the installation of electrical limit switches or slot initiators on the top of the valve or in electric actuators by installation of limit switches in the transmission. The end position feedback occurs without contact by proximity initiators. A big advantage of the end position feedbacks is that they indicate to the worker on the construction site whether the valve is in the closed or in the opened state.

✓ Stem extensions / Insulating attachment

Spindle extensions for gate valves, shut-off valves or ball valves are primarily installed. As a result, those valve can be installed in the soil and operated above the ground. Spindle or spindle extension are hingedly connected to the shut-off. The insulating attachment is used in the low temperature range down to -200 ° C degrees. In this temperature range findustrial-valves are usually housed in an insulation. Through the insulating attachment, the handwheel of the valve remains outside the insulation and the stuffing box gland is freely accessible. The risk of icing of the valve stem is significantly reduced by this type of construction.

✓ Modification to TA-Luft

To reduce emissions when pumping liquid or organic substances, so-called TA-AIR or also known under Low emission packing, stuffing box packings or seals are installed. In industrial plants, a wide variety of valves are used to realize the processes that occur. For operation, industrial-valves such as e.g. Gate valve a spindle that leads from the product room to the outside to the environment. This actuating spindle is equipped with a sealing system. The increasing sensitivity with regard to emissions require a special spindle seal, which, among other things, allows leakage-free use wherever possible. The use of TA-AIR packages significantly reduces emissions.

✓ Bypass / BY-PASS

Bypasses should cause a discharge. As a result, the valve does not have to be opened or closed against the maximum differential pressure. However, the differential pressure can only be reduced if certain conditions in the overall system are given. If there is constant static pressure, such as with a valve that is placed directly on the container, these reliefs become margin al effective. Thus, it can not always be assumed that detours cause a reduction of the differential pressure. However, bypasses also serve to empty check valves or help to open or close shut-off valves or gate valves.

✓ Locking devices

Against unauthorized operation of the industrial-valves, we install as desired any locking options.

20" Zoll Absperrschieber Gate Valve in Class 300 LBs und Stahlausführung A216 WCB