Area service

We offer services related to industrial valves by our qualified technicians in the factory or on the
construction site.

We offer inspections, repairs, maintenance or alterations to existing industrial fittings. Our service profile includes the on-site services, such as testing and maintenance of stop valves and control valves. In order to achieve optimal energy efficiency, we control complete systems for leaks and optimum insulation.

We paint your valves according to customer specifications.

Depending on the location of the installation, it is often necessary to apply a custom painting. This is what we take! We cooperate closely with renowned painting companies, who select and apply coatings exactly according to customer requirements. Whether gate valves, globe valves, check valves, strainer or ball valves – we paint every valve – in all nominal sizes and pressure stages.
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Project business

Through our broad product portfolio and many years of experience, you always have the best conditions with us. We are well-known for our project business and therefore offer complete industrial valves packages. After a detailed technical examination of your range of valves, you will receive our quotation from us shortly, including the corresponding data sheets. Your technical department can immediately check our data sheets and show possible changes. Also special wishes are no problem for us!

Identification of valves

For the identification and assignment of the individual valves, we can mark your ordered industrial valves with stainless steel or aluminum signs. This way, your gate valve always lands in the right place ….

Packing the goods

We are also happy to take over the packaging of the finished product. The packaging is included as standard.
Depending on customer requirements, all valves can be individually packaged and vacuum packed. This allows you to store the goods quietly until installation on site or in the plant.
Your goods must be shipped directly into the world? No problem! We make wooden crates according to ISPM / IPPC standard for each country.

Inspection / tests

In principle, all our delivered valves are certified with an inspection certificate according to EN 10204-3.1. In addition, we offer our customers TÜV or “Third Party” acceptance tests.
For Gate valves, Globe valves or ball valves in cryogenic design a test is carried out after completion and customer request. The valves are immersed in a bath of liquid nitrogen and subjected to a leakage test and a functional test for external and internal sealing. These valves can then be used for shut-off tasks up to -196 ° C.

Installationsarbeit an Industriearmaturen Absperrschieber an einer Anlage

Our workshop services:

  • Disassembling and cleaning of valves
  • Check for wear and damage
  • Spare parts
  • Processing of the sealing surfaces (seat / plug)
  • Replacement of all seals
  • Pressure and leakage test
  • Renew corrosion prevention
  • Painting

Our on-site service:

  • Analysis of the system, the industrial valves and visual examination
  • Spare parts management
  • Audit planning
  • Use planning
  • Customer service (24 hours standby)
  • Logging / documentation
  • Corrective measures
  • Welding