Liquids and gases flowing through pipelines can cause impurities. This is prevented by the strainer, which acts like a strainer. It ensures that the pipes and valves are not contaminated. The mesh size is adapted to the size of the parts to be filtered.

The strainer can be easily cleaned or replaced. To do this, the lid is simply removed and the screen can be emptied. Afterwards, the pressure must always be reduced and the replacement of the lid seal is recommended. The replacement filter can be ordered directly.

The screen is made of stainless steel, but can also be supplied in other materials. In order to ensure easy installation, it can be fitted with a heavy-duty hook from larger nominal diameters.

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Overall length according to ASME B16.5. The strainer is ideally suited for collecting foreign matter in the pipeline. The filter (screen) can be removed from above. The filters are also available in different mesh sizes so that every customer requirement can be met. Valves with a Declaration of Conformity and CE marking according to DGRL 2014/68/EG. The connection can be selected in flange design (ASME B16.5) & BW ends according to ASME B16.25.

Y-Schmutzfänger Strainer in Stahlausführung mit Flanschanschluss